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How to Apply for Jobs Vacancy Careers in Zimbabwe – Getting Your CV Right

How to Apply for Jobs Vacancy Careers in Zimbabwe – Getting Your CV Right

Applying for a Jobs Vacancy Careers in Zimbabwe is a simple yet could be a tedious task depending on the following; information available to you, your ability to access those information, your level of education, your level of awareness, you capability in planning and executing plans. The last aspect is often ignored by many, but as the saying goes, “fail to plan, plan to fail”. One way to begging applying for a Jobs Vacancy Careers in Zimbabwe, is to have a well structured CV that is captivating and captures the attention of your the CV reviewer or interviewer. Aside from ensuring that your CV is well structured, the content you choose to include and how it’s written are equally important. When applying for jobs in a competitive market like, this guide will help you find the right words for securing that all-important interview when you apply for Jobs Vacancy Careers in Zimbabwe.

Just a little tip; treat your CV as your personal advertising board, an effective CV will showcase your most relevant skills and experiences, whilst telling a prospective employer why you are right for the job.

JOBS IN ZIMBABWE -Jobs in Zimbabwe – Job Vacancies in Zimbabwe


Jobs Vacancy Careers in Zimbabwe

Jobs Vacancy Careers in Zimbabwe

Lets get started.

To begin with you need to ask yourself, if you have you read the application advertisement and understood the requirement? Have you, the required qualification or skill set for the Job? Have you enough time to apply within the time frame?. Once you are comfortable with your answers, here’s some key points to serve as a checklist for you to consider when writing your CV. This is just an appetizer to the main course as you have to read the entirely article to gain the full understating.

A quick CV Check-list for Jobs Vacancy Careers in Zimbabwe

  •  Have you included your personal detail? – name, address, phone number and email Should be part of your heading. These are your main contact, without which a prospective employer will find difficult or impossible to contact you. People often forget them! Do not include your age or a photograph except expressly requested to do so.


  • Have you written a summary of your profile? – Your should consider making the next line after your heading a summary of your profile. It should be direct and a reflection of the role applied for and should reflect your most relevant experience to the job and your most relevant qualification. This could be skilled based or academic based qualification.


  • What is should be your priority in the body of your CV? - When you write your history, for an experience position, it sis important to start with your jobs experience followed by education qualification, while for fresh graduate jobs, you may consider starting with you educational qualification. Please remember put your most recent achievements first and in the order or relevance to the job you are applying for.


  • Are you wording professional? – You may consider using simple English words and sentences. The essence of a CV is to communicate your suitability for the Jobs Vacancy Careers in Zimbabwe you are applying for. You can sound professional without using jargon or ‘management-speak’. Keep your writing clear, simple direct and focused. Remember that the person looking at your CV might not be an expert in your field.


  • Are you Words Focused? – Try to write your CV using as few words as applicable, this way you’ll keep to the point and avoid goofing around. You can say more in your cover letter and application form, there’s no need to go into depth in a CV.


  • Is Your CV Generic?- You may consider not to overlook is the importance of tailoring your CV to each job application. Although you only have a limited amount of space and time to highlight your abilities on your CV though. So it’s expected you’ll want to shift certain aspects to the front, emphasising the more relevant details. Within this you could also try to work in particular keywords used in the original job advert. Your description of certain experiences also might require a new perspective depending on the job you are applying for.


  • Is your CV too Long? – A quick suggestion is to make your CV’s length relative to your work experience: A one page or two page maximum for graduate trainee should be considered; if you have many years experience in a wide range of roles, you can justify a long CV. Academic CVs may usually be up to 4-5 pages long, whereas CVs tailored to the private sector should be about 2 – 3.


  • Are you Active or Passive ? – The use of past tense of participle gives a better perspective to your achievement. Use ‘doing’ words on your CV such as ‘developed’ or ‘organised’. This makes you sounds active and not passive. Adopting the right tone makes you sound confident and Employers not only want to hear about your relevant successes but also why and how you’ve achieved them. This however does not mean over-stating how great you are without any substance or Wordy jargon or buzzwords like “highly-motivated” or “team-player” are hollow in isolation as every CV uses them. So your aim should be to stand out by giving facts and figures – hard evidence that speaks for itself.


  • Have you considered the implication of what you have written or about to write? – For Jobs Vacancy Careers in Zimbabwe and other parts of Africa, you may consider not to talk about your social life unless your activities display an important skill such as leadership or teamwork or any skill that could relate to the role and boost your chances of getting the job.


  • Have you provided Referees? – Don’t forget to provide names and contacts of your referees; at the minimum two referees should be provided if not specified in the Jobs Vacancy Careers advertisement and one should preferably be your current employer.


  • Have you proof read you CV? – Mistakes are common in writings; and for CVs, you may come across as being lazy or unprofessional which could be a turn off to the CV reviewer. There should be no spelling, punctuation or grammar errors: unprofessional CVs are rejected. If you find editing your own work difficult, get a friend to read your CV. you may consider showing it to as many people as possible: your supervisor/mentor, colleagues, even your family and friends. Their first impressions will help you to improve your CV. A good technique is to constantly revisit and refine your CV. Over time and with experience, your technique for language will get better. Couple this to the natural self-confidence you develop during spells of employment and your CV should surely reflect that. Taking time to periodically re-read your CV and consider how you might describe yourself again today is essential. You might even feel compelled to write sections again, or approach the whole thing from scratch.

 It’s all about refining what you say and how you say it in the most concise way, and you’ll be surprised how your perceptions here evolve.

What to Avoid; If the check list above proves to be helpful, why not spend more time to learn common pit fall in CV writing


Thins to avoid when writing a CV for Jobs Vacancy Careers in Zimbabwe

Jobs Vacancy Careers in Zimbabwe


  1. Spelling and Typographic errors– A big turn off to most CV reviewers and interviewer. Mistakes suggest to employers that you haven’t spent the time and effort on your application and that you lack diligence. Get someone to assist in proof reading your CV. sometimes it’s difficult to pick our own errors as our minds forces our eyes to overlook them.
  2. Don’t underrate any experience– present all valuable experience and capture the responsibility that ensures you utilised the required skills. remember your part-time jobs and internship programs but focus on the key responsibilities, skills and achievement
  3. Avoid sending a generic CV – ensure you read and understand the requirement for the role you are applying for and Taylor your CV to match the applied role. You may consider making specific CV for each application, tailored to suit the role.
  4. Avoid sending duplicates or multiple applications– sending duplicate or multiple entry could jeopardise your chances as you tend to make sorting difficult for the employer
  5. Avoid any negativity in your CV- learn to eliminate In words in your CV that comes across as negative terms. the technique is to turn every weakness into strength for instance when you address any adversity, present such “challenges” as triumphant. Consider to avoid using negative words such as “hate”, “argued”, “quit”, “ignored” or “tried” is best policy, even if they honestly reflect your personal feelings. Alternative suitable phrases would be “overcame”, “persuaded”, “re-approached” and “delivered” .

Writing by SYT for

Jobs Vacancy Careers in Zimbabwe

Jobs Vacancy Careers in Zimbabwe

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Mine Manager Job vacancy- jobs in zimbabwe 2017

Posted by on Aug 24, 2017 in Vacancies in Zimbabwe | Comments Off

At least five year’s mine management experience,

preferably on small to mid-sized underground gold mines in Africa.


Will be responsible for all aspects of running multiple mine shafts in both production and development stages, the over ground laboratory and processing operations.

Around ten individuals will report directly into the Manager including the plant manager, the underground manager, the head of engineering and head of finance/security.

Management of the underground reef mining operations of two mine shafts;providing oversight and management of the crushing plant and milling operations on the surface.

Oversight of the company’s small Carbon “In Pulp” (CIP) operation,including the carbon extraction and elution process.

Maintain oversight of the gold room and concentrates, amalgam, elutions and basic refining of bullion on site.

To prepare operational plans for the board of directors and to ensure these are met.

To oversee the financial management (including budgets), accounting and reporting of the company.

To be responsible for efficient and effective stock management and mine stores.

Working with the head of finances to ensure proper stock and cash controls are maintained.

To provide strong leadership, management, development and training for all staff at the mine.

To ensure high standards of health and safety are met throughout the mine.

To manage financial and operational risks at the mine, identify problem areas, operational concerns and policies and procedures.

To develop and maintain excellent relations with local authorities including governors, the Department of Labour, the Tax office and Mines department. Broad experience in all aspects of Gold mining from underground mine management, plant management and engineering, laboratory and Gold processing expertise.

A basic understanding of geology, construction, plumbing, electrics and mechanics.

A good leader who is able to develop and work well with large teams of local and ex-pat employees.

An ability to understand and manage operational resources to achieve the highest levels of efficiency.

Typical working hours are 7am to 4pm Monday to Friday and from 7am to 1pm on Saturday’s. Willingness to work a flexible schedule that includes evenings and weekends is important.

A generous salary package is offered for the right candidate.


Urgently apply if you are interested and attach your CV in word format to:


Graphic Designer job vacancy- Jobs in zimbabwe 2017

Posted by on Aug 24, 2017 in Vacancies in Zimbabwe | Comments Off

JOB VACANCY: Graphic Designer

ZimHost WebDesigners

Deadline: ASAP


Male Graphic Designer Attachee

To start immediately.


Contact: 0732488488 for more info


Credit Analyst job vacancy- Jobs in Zimbabwe 2017

Posted by on Aug 24, 2017 in Vacancies in Zimbabwe | Comments Off

JOB VACANCY: Credit Analyst

Deadline: 25 August 2017


Degree in Accounting, Finance or Banking

Diploma in Credit Management is a must

4 years relevant experience in microfinance or developmental finance

Proficient with numbers

Have a high level of confidentiality and the use of discretion


Application letter and CV clearly marked to:


Customer Care Service Jobs in Zimbabwe- August 2017 JOBS

Posted by on Aug 24, 2017 in Vacancies in Zimbabwe | Comments Off

JOB VACANCY: Customer Service Officer

Deadline: 25 August 2017


·         Diploma in Banking or equivalent

·         4 years banking experience and familiarity with banking back office operations, telling and micro-lending

·         Be honest, innovative and well groomed

·         Be highly customer focused

·         Have a high level of confidentiality and the use of discretion


Application letter and CV clearly marked to:


District Site Improvement Officers job vacancy- Jobs in zimbabwe 2017

Posted by on Aug 24, 2017 in Vacancies in Zimbabwe | Comments Off

JOB VACANCY: 2 District Site Improvement and Community Linkages Officers

LOCATION: Matabeleland North Province (Bubi x1, Umguza x1).
Deadline: 27 August 2017


Nursing qualification with 3-5 years’ hands- on experience in implementation of community

based services including HIV and TB activities either at a district, provincial or central

hospital level within MoHCC structures or other implementing partners

Valid registration with the Nurses council of Zimbabwe; Relevant training in clinical

management of HIV and TB e.g. HIV Integrated Training, Counselling, Rapid HIV Testing

Ability and willingness to travel extensively within and outside resident district

Fluency in English and in one or more of the local languages; Demonstrated skills in data

analysis and M&E


Send Application letter, detailed CV and certified copies of certificates clearly indicating the District of choice to:

Human Resources Manager,


15 Phillips Avenue,

Belgravia, Harare .


Branch Operations Manager job vacancy-jobs in zimbabwe 2017

Posted by on Aug 24, 2017 in Vacancies in Zimbabwe | Comments Off

JOB TITLE: Branch Operations Officer

Deadline: 25 August 2017


Bachelor’s degree in Banking, Business, Finance or Marketing field

4 years working experience as an operations officer, customer service –related skills

Organisational and time management skills

Good internal relationship building

Computer literacy


Application letter and CV clearly marked to:


Loan Officers Job Recruitment-Jobs in zimbabwe 2017

Posted by on Aug 24, 2017 in Vacancies in Zimbabwe | Comments Off

JOB TITLE: Loan Officer(s)

Deadline: 25 August 2017


Degree or Diploma in Microfinance, Development Finance, Marketing, Banking or equivalent

Business qualification

An appreciation of the loan processing function is critical

4 years’ experience in microfinance or developmental finance environment with experience in group


Be highly customer focused

Be highly knowledgeable about the Microfinance’s products and services


Application letter and CV clearly marked to:


Branch Manager job vacancy- jobs in zimbabwe 2017

Posted by on Aug 24, 2017 in Vacancies in Zimbabwe | Comments Off

JOB VACANCY: Branch Manager

Deadline: 25 August 2017


Degree in Banking and Finance or Administration or related field

4 years proven experience as a Bank or Microfinance Branch Manager

Sufficient knowledge of modern management techniques and best practices

Ability to meet sales and portfolio target

Familiarity with industry’s rules and regulations


Application letter and CV clearly marked to:


General Manager Job Opportunity- jobs in zimbabwe

Posted by on Aug 24, 2017 in Vacancies in Zimbabwe | Comments Off

JOB TITLE: General Manager

LOCATION: Southerton

Deadline: 25 August 2017


Business Related degree with an Upper second or better

Must be a registered member of any one of these professional bodies: ICAZ, CIS, ACCA or CIMA

Must have 25 years post qualifying experience

Must have 10 years management experience, of which must have been at executive level in a manufacturing environment

Must have a demonstrable track record of achievement


Send Application and detailed CV to:


Dept Of Private Law Lecturer Job opportunity- jobs in zimbabwe midlands University

Posted by on Aug 24, 2017 in Vacancies in Zimbabwe | Comments Off

JOB TITLE :Department of Private Law: Lecturer/Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor/Professor X6

Deadline: 25 August 2017


First degree in Law

Master’s Degree in Law


6 sets of applications, certified copies of certificates, transcripts, national ID and CV giving full personal particulars incl. present salary, date of availability, 3 refs etc. to:

The Deputy Registrar (Human Resources),

Midlands State University,

  1. Bag 9055,


NB: For those based outside Zimbabwe: ensuring that all your attachments are on 1 pdf doc